Training as Reiki 1 channel*: Yes

in year: 1997

Training as Reiki 2 advance healer*: yes

in year: 1998

Training as Reiki 3A master healer*: Yes

in year: 2000

Training as Reiki Master*: Yes

in year: 2006

Center Name (if any): ARTH

Free physical healing*: No

Paid physical healing*: Yes

Free distance healing*: No

Paid distance healing*: No

Reiki Workshops Offered (Masters only): Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3A,

Reiki book(s) authored, if any: Healing Through Reiki

Favorite Reiki book(s):

Favorite book(s) (self help/ spirituality): Heal your wounds and find your
true selves - Lise Bourbeau

Address: near Spice Garden bus stop, Marathahalli

City*: Bangalore

State*: Karnataka

Country*: India

Postal code/ zip: 560037

Phone (landline):

Phone (mobile): 9845531133









About me: I learned Reiki when I was in my early teens, and today I help
people overcome their problems either through healing or by helping them
learn Reiki and heal themselves.

I combine various forms of healing in my practice, including hypnotherapy,
past life therapy, EFT and 2 other forms of energy healing.

I love to work best with personal development although I also work very
frequently with people dealing with health and addiction problems.

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