Pam Cotter

Training as Reiki 1 channel*: Yes

in year: 2002

Training as Reiki 2 advance healer*: yes

in year: 2002

Training as Reiki 3A master healer*: Yes

in year: 2003

Training as Reiki Master*: Yes

in year: 2003

Center Name (if any): Reiki with Pam Cotter

Free physical healing*: No

Paid physical healing*: Yes

Free distance healing*: Yes

Paid distance healing*: Yes

Reiki Workshops Offered (Masters only):

Reiki book(s) authored, if any:

Favorite Reiki book(s):

Favorite book(s) (self help/ spirituality):


City*: Wheat Ridge

State*: CO

Country*: United States

Postal code/ zip: 80033

Phone (landline):

Phone (mobile): 7202375210









About me: I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and have seen the healing effects of Reiki in
the lives of others and experienced them in my own life. In 2002, I saw an
ad for a Reiki class and decided to give it a try. I enjoyed it so much that
during the next year I completed the Reiki II and Master/Teacher classes.
For the next several years I gave treatments and attunements to friends and
family when asked, never really considering Reiki as a full-time gig. Soon,
the call to fully realize myself as a Reiki healer became too loud to
ignore, so I began focusing my attention, leaning toward the compassionate
action-based practice of Karuna Reiki.

I believe every Reiki practitioner has their own healing and teaching style,
mine being a more relaxed, intuitive approach. I believe my purpose in my
Reiki practice is to introduce healing tools and wellness techniques to
those who ask for them, so they can apply those tools and techniques in
their own lives to bring about good health, balance, and happiness.

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